Thursday, April 16, 2009

when jihia met artgerm; when junjie xu met Stanley Lau

6th of April(mon), my course mates were attending lecture
but, I came back to JB
to attend Phokki's Launch Event in National Library, Singapore

Phokki is a online photo-manipulation portal
Artist can provide his style on this portal
if there is any consumer like that style, consumer can upload photo to that style artist to manipulate his photo by the photo he uploaded
this is Phokki's website:

in this event, I met a guy call Stanley Lau a.k.a. Artgerm
he is a world famous artist, illustrator in Singapore
his most well-known artworks are Pepper and Warcraft 3 map DOTA's loading screen wallpaper


Warcraft 3 map DOTA loading screen wallpaper

I was got chance to had a great talk with him
he is really a nice person willing to share his experience in industry of concept art
he drew a drawing for me on that event. he is really a talented artist!

Artgerm and jihia

junjie xu and Stanley Lau

this is the drawing that Stanley draw for me

right now there is a contest in Phokki, it is a contest for the styles in Phokki
so please~support my style by voting them!I really appreciate that~
you can give me some precious comments on my style, I really appreciate that
this is my page in Phokki: